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Smoke shisha without dangerous charcoal

Yannar is a budding company seeking investors for this new innovative air burned ignition system for the hookah.  The founder and inventor, Edwar Bishara, has been working tirelessly for many years to develop the perfect way to smoke shisha without the harmful effects of using charcoal.  No more carbon monoxide and no more headaches from charcoal. Be one of the first to support this enlightened product.

Estimated shipping will be at the end of 2020. 

Thank you for your support. 

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Yannar brings you the biggest breakthrough in hookah smoking. Utilizing leading edge technology and innovation, Yannar has introduced into the market place a product that eliminates the use of charcoal in hookah smoking.

This will provide the hookah smoker with many benefits, including:

Eliminating health issues associated with Charcoal: Yannar utilizes electric and ceramic heating elements that do not have the chemicals and byproducts of charcoal the eliminate carbon monoxide from charcoal.

Ease of Use: Plug in, turn on and smoke without the trouble and mess of dealing with charcoal and resulting ash.

Tastes Better: Enjoy the pure taste of the tobacco flavor and not the charcoal and chemicals.

Saves you Money: Never have to buy charcoal again.

Help the Environment: Eliminate the use of wood.

**Product is estimated to ship at the end of 2020**v

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