Yannar Hookah Ignition System

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Yannar brings you the biggest breakthrough in hookah smoking. Utilizing leading edge technology and innovation, Yannar has introduced into the market place a product that eliminates the use of charcoal in hookah smoking.

This will provide the hookah smoker with many benefits, including:

Eliminating health issues associated with Charcoal: Yannar utilizes electric and ceramic heating elements that do not have the chemicals and byproducts of charcoal the eliminate carbon monoxide from charcoal.

Ease of Use: Plug in, turn on and smoke without the trouble and mess of dealing with charcoal and resulting ash.

Tastes Better: Enjoy the pure taste of the tobacco flavor and not the charcoal and chemicals.

Saves you Money: Never have to buy charcoal again.

Help the Environment: Eliminate the use of wood.

**Product is estimated to ship at the end of 2020**
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